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Highly effective shock-absorbing elements can be successfully applied partially or totally in many industries
In the automotive industry

Vibration protection and suspension systems, rebound and silent-block dampers as part of the suspension provide vibration safety, which in turn increases controllability and extends the service life of the car, while the absorption and redirection of the impact energy significantly reduces the risk of injury.
In the railway industry

Cushioning and damping systems, draft gears, constant contact side bearings, reduce the load on the railcar frame.
In the mining industry

Provides increased service life of cables for cranes and multi-bucket excavators. The wear-resistant features of the polymer material make it possible to create grids for screening sand/stones with an increased service life.
In the construction industry

Compensation pads absorb vibrations from passing vehicles, preventing the destruction of concrete support structures.
In shipbuilding

Fenders which absorb impact on the berth help maintain the integrity of the side of the vessel and avoid expensive repairs.
- Possibility of operation of products at temperatures from - 60 C to + 120 C.
- The material is specially designed for harsh Russian operating conditions.
- Protection from aggressive environments (petroleum products, sunlight and others)
Ample opportunities for creating individual solutions allow the implementation of elastic elements of various sizes and masses (specially for the needs of the customer)
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