Proven and reliable polymer damper pads used in railcars and in variable industrial enterprises worldwide.
BIRCH 1 - a new draft gear made by BIRCH
When working on the design, the mathematic model of the operation of the shock-absorbing elements in the railcar and the operating experience of other draft gears were taken into account
Birch Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-performance polymer springs based on Birchpads, modern cushioning systems for a wide range of industries and draft gears for freight railcars.

Birchpads are characterized by durability, effective energy absorption, stability of operation at extreme temperatures (from -60 °C to +120 °C).

More than 70% of high-quality Russian-made raw materials are used in the synthesis of materials and production. This fact makes it possible to minimize the impact of external economic factors.

The broad options for creating individual solutions allow you to create Birchpads of various dimensions and mass. There is the possibility to modify the parameters of polymer pads or to develop new pads for the special needs of the customer.

We produce proven and reliable energy-absorbing elements .

Our products comply with international standards and specifications, and are also installed by major world manufacturers of rolling stock.

The company carries out end-to-end quality control - from checking raw materials to testing finished parts.
The use of specialized pigments in the composition of the material allows us to guarantee the originality of products and the fight against counterfeiting.

Our own R&D center provides ample opportunities and an integrated approach to the development of parts, allowing you to model the necessary elements based on the calculations of the expected loads and analyze their work as part of a finished mechanism.

Modern prototyping base - CNC machines, 3D printers allow you to quickly produce prototypes for the customer.
The entire range of tests is carried out in our own laboratory, which allows you to make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner and ensures a continuous process of improving product quality.

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